intimo, intimo tecnico, anticellulite, rassodante, t-shirt, maglie, maglie tecniche, maglie ignifughe.
Panty e pantaloncini, sicurezza sul lavoro

Capi abbigliamento di intimo femminile, intimo tecnico ricaricabile. Vendiamo maglie, t-shirt, pantaloncini e maglie tecniche con fibra di argento anticellulite e rassodante

intimo, calzini, intimo femminile, t-shirt e maglie.

Triloxy vende intimo tecnico ricaricabile.

t-shirt, t-shirt femminili
l'azienda vende t-shirt e pantaloncini di intimo tecnico in fibra di argento. Calze e calzini anti vesciche ai piedi.

sicurezza lavoro
Una linea di abbigliamento dedicata alla sicurezza sul lavoro, maglie ignifughe

Panty e pantaloncini
Pantaloncini per lo sport ad azione idratante e anticellulite.

trattamento rassodante
Pantaloncini ad azione anticellulite e rassodanti.

trattamento anticellulite
maglie e pantaloncini per gli sportivi che aumentano le performance. Calze e calzini contro la macerazione cutanea.

triloxy It reduces the weight of every day clothes. It reduces cold sensation from inside to outside and back.
triloxy It considerably reduces the effects of changes in temperatures and a continuative use of such garment could help to prevent cold.
triloxy His isothermal properties helps to compensate physical negative effects caused by weather changes and between seasons.
triloxy It is useful for people that suffers of over perspiration, especially during summer.
triloxy It helps to control a lot of painful pathologies. It is a good adjuvant for local painkiller therapy prescribed from the Doctor.
triloxy It is good as a pjamas because it releases stress and electricity stored during the day.
triloxy Bacteriostatic: It maintains a natural balance of the skin, regardless of activity level. Skinlife is not a bactericide: it does not decrease the bacteria level lower than what is normally present on the skin.
triloxy Anti-static: among all the elements, silver is the one provided with the highest values of electrical conductivity. This characteristic allow to dissipate instantly the annoying electrostatic charges.
triloxy Irradiating and reflecting: it regulates the body temperature thanks to his irradiating (which consist in keeping the heat generated by the human body) and reflecting power (uniform distribution of the human heat toward the outside).
triloxy Permanent: due to the bacteriostatic agent present in the polymeric matrix, Skinlife is a permanent feature in your garment.
triloxy Anti- odor: bacteria are the causes of smell emanated by the human body. Silver inside fiber intervenes forming chemical ties such to reduce smell.
triloxy Anti-damp effect: it accelerates humidity movement through evaporation, consequently it decreases from the skin.
It is the lightest yarn existing in nature. This innovative polyolefin fiber is even lighter than water, on which floats, and gives to garments, when compared to similar materials, a pleasant sense of lightness.
triloxy Comfort: you can enjoy a warm and dry body and a delightful sense of well-being. Thanks to its surface tension, water, humidity and perspiration are drawn away from the fabric and are able to evaporate quickly or to be absorbed by other compatible fibers like cotton. Its unique insulating power, even greater than wood, maintains the body’s natural temperature and protects it from heat and cold.
triloxy Hygienic qualities: no more bad odors after intense physical activity. It does not undergo changes when attacked by bacteria, mildew, moths or other micro-organisms. It does not absorb stains, so they can be easily removed with an ordinary detergent. It does not become electrostatic and does not attract atmospheric dust. It does not provoke allergic reaction.
triloxy Resistance: it is graze-resistant with performances to nylon and much higher than other synthetic or natural fibers. It is not affect by the unsightly pilling caused by rubbing. It is more tear resistant compared to natural fibres and can be exposed to sun and heat for long periods without being affected in any way. It can be machine-washed at 40°C. its colors fastness obtained with mass dyeing procedure, is
remarkable, even after frequent washings, rubbings, immersions in sea water or on contact with high concentrated solvents. The fit is extremely stable, less than 2% alteration even after many washes.
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